5 Ways to Bring Your POS System into the Green Era

22 May , 2017 News

5 Ways to Bring Your POS System into the Green Era

Like it or not, climate change is a serious problem that many businesses have to contend with by implementing green initiatives. Saving and protecting the environment are issues that the majority of consumers are concerned with in this day and age, and offering green procedures is the only way to ensure your business will be around long-term. Environmentalism is no longer just for hippies and potheads; it is a legitimate issue that demands attention, no matter what the cost. Thankfully, going green does not have to be an expensive investment that sucks away all of your resources as a business. By updating your POS system, you can easily enhance the environment without spending a fortune, ensuring that your business is well-loved and supported by the community for years to come.

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Creating Energy Efficiency

  • The older technology is, the more inefficient it becomes. It uses more energy, and it takes longer to function. POS systems are not immune to this rule of thumb, so it is imperative that you update and invest in a better alternative.
  • A standard POS system tends to become severely outdated after just seven years, and the experts agree it should be replaced around four to ensure energy efficacy. Not only will updating the POS system save you costs on your energy bill, it will also guarantee smoother and easier transactions all-around, thus impressing the current customers.

Saving Paper with E-Receipts

  • While you may not be thinking about saving the trees, abstaining from paper-usage can dramatically alter the archaic dynamic of a business. It is the digital age: using paper for anything nowadays is inconvenient. Printing out paper receipts is not only inconvenient for you—it is also inconvenient for your customers.
  • Virtually no one in this day and age saves receipts, even if they should. By implementing an electronic receipt to be sent via text message or email, you can ensure that customers have the information if they want it without wasting money on printer ink, receipt printers, and special receipt paper.

Digital Screens for Customer Satisfaction

  • Different types of business stand to benefit from implementing digital screens for their customers and clients. These screens enable you to track orders and maintain communication without the need for environmentally unfriendly attributes, like paper order forms or finance books, and they appeal to customers who want more accuracy with their orders.

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